IT, technology, natural sciences, marketing and more

Areas of expertise

Focuses and topic areas

I offer professional translations for technology, natural sciences and the medical sector, among others. My special focus is the localisation of software and hardware with graphical user interfaces and the associated documentation as well as scientific essays and management frameworks. I was primarily responsible for translating the official German version of ITIL® v3 and the updated ITIL® Edition 2011, for example. In addition to translations for cloud computing and virtualisation technology I also handle more creative projects for marketing, sales and distribution.

Management frameworks, process documentation and e-learning

  • Process descriptions for IT management, IT strategy and governance, frameworks such as PRINCE2® and COBIT
  • Official version of TSO of ITILv3 and ITIL Edition 2011 with course material and examination questions
  • Localisation of e-learning material with course contents including German user interface and documentation
  • Printed material and documentation on business/management skills, consulting, corporate planning, crisis management, etc.
  • publications and documentation on business/management skills, consulting, business planning, crisis management capabilities, etc.

IT, databases, virtualisation and mobile communications

  • Software with localisation of the graphical user interface and online help
  • Printed and digital documentation
  • Technical operating instructions and manuals
  • Solutions for cloud computing and virtualisation technology
  • Online courses on a wide range of topics
  • Software and documentation for hardware components, mobile devices, etc.
  • Website localisation

Life sciences, natural sciences and medicine

  • Technical documentation for medical appliances like x-ray equipment or spectrophotometers
  • Brochures and manuals for chemistry and dental laboratories
  • Scientific articles on the topic of food technology, nutrition physiology and human nutrition
  • Essays on environmental technology, waste water treatment, global warming and use of fossil and renewable energies

Marketing and corporate identity

  • Company websites
  • Marketing brochures, whitepapers, company flyers, questionnaires, partner and customer newsletters
  • Product presentations, announcements, banner and label texts
  • Invitations and presentations for customer events and newsletters
  • Social media with Twitter and Facebook posts and blogs on corporate news

Other focuses

  • Brochures and product descriptions for automotive technology
  • Legal information on data protection, copyright and End User License Agreements (EULA)
  • Game consoles with user instructions and label texts