Professional language services


Technical Translation and Localisation

As a rule most of my work is concerned with the translation of technical texts. I have a broad and sound knowledge base and excellent reference material from innumerable translation projects to rely on for these frequently highly complex topics. I translate technical and scientific contents into the target language bearing the desired language level and terminology in mind. In addition to the language adaptation all relevant contents like diagrams, country-specific formats and key terms for search machine optimisation are also culturally adjusted. So you can be certain that you are always addressing the correct target group.

Transcreation and marketing adaptation

In addition, I also handle projects concerned with marketing, public relations and internet presence regularly and very willingly. Here a direct translation of slogans and buzzwords into the target language is seldom the best choice. A more creative solution is called for rather than a word-for-word translation. The focus here is on readability and accurate significance. This ensures that original text and target text always convey the same picture.

Editing and proofreading

Within the scope of editing I offer to adapt existing texts to the company’s own language and preferred style guidelines for the desired target audience. Editing can be useful when proofreading external translations or extensive texts from different sources, for example. The objective here is consistent quality and a standardised style.

Tool-aided translation and translation memory systems

I work with various tools to ensure the consistent use of key terminology. Core terms are saved in terminology databases and translation memory systems for later use. However, unlike automated translation the tools do not generate texts mechanically, but rather they help optimise the translation process. It goes without saying that translation itself remains a pure manual process.

Terminology management and style guidelines

Consistency is of utmost importance not only in a technical context. Inconsistent use of core terms can lead to unclear results or even have fatal consequences. A standardisation of language rules and key terms comes to the rescue here. Core terms are extracted and continuously maintained in updated glossaries and databases. Style guidelines are clearly specified. Efficient terminology management ensures compliance with standards and the company’s own terminology.

Project management and major assignments

Team competence is decisive for the success of large assignments. For more extensive assignments I therefore offer handling by an established team of translators. Collaboration with my team colleagues has proved highly successful in numerous projects. We are able to react flexibly to a wide range of customer requirements. Contact with the customer is through one central contact. This ensures direct consultation at all times even when handling long-term projects and larger volumes.

Quality assurance and final control

Before it is finalised each translation project goes through a multi-level quality assurance process with a separate proofreading cycle. Proofreading can also be performed by an independent translator by arrangement. In addition, standardised quality assurance processes ensure that the consistency of all texts is reviewed in terms of existing standard terminology or divergences to previously validated translations, among other things.